If you are interested in joining AFROTC through Detachment 685, please contact us at [email protected] or (541) 737-6421. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the program. Once we verify your eligibility, we will direct you to complete the following instructions to initiate your enrollment. All documents should be completed electronically or by hand (in blue or black ink). Once completed, you may submit your forms by emailing them to [email protected] for processing. We do not accept screenshots or mobile phone images.

Enrollment Steps:

1. Receive verification from Detachment 685 cadre that you are eligible to enroll in AFROTC

2. Web Based Application-NSO Documents: Follow the instructions in this document to create your WINGS account.

3. DoDMERB Application: Complete this form to initiate the medical qualification process.

4. AFROTC Form 28, Pre Participatory Sports Physical: This form must be completed by a physician. OSU students may use Student Health to complete this form. Not meeting Air Force weight standards does NOT exempt you from enrolling in AFROTC.

5. DD Form 2005, Privacy Act Statement – Healthcare Records: Complete sections 5 – 7 on the bottom of the second page

6. Drug Demand Reduction Release: If under 18 years old, this form must be notarized and signed by a parent/guardian.

7. Release of Student Records: Fill out applicable information. Sign on lines labeled “student’s signature”. If under 18 years old, this form must be signed by a parent/guardian.

8. AF Form 2030, USAF Drug and Alcohol Abuse Certificate: Only complete the first page of this form (sections 2-3). The second page must be completed by cadre.

9. DD Form 2983, Recruit/Trainee Prohibited Activities: Complete section 1 and sections 5-9. Section 10 must be completed by cadre.